The successful execution of large scale above and below ground infrastructure projects hinges on a good relationship between the project sponsor and all of the impacted landowners. Right of Way must be secured from every private landowner impacted by the project before construction can begin.

Since the 1980’s, CLS has been working with companies across the country to help them secure access rights for all types of infrastructure projects, large and small. Our experiences have taught us some very important lessons which we’d like to share with you in this Right of Way and Risk paper. You’ll gain insight into:

  1. The current environment project sponsors face as they attempt to secure ROW agreements in the second half of 2022 and beyond.
  2. The perspective of the landowner. A quick analysis, based on our experience, of the reasons people typically object to a proposed ROW agreement (and what to do about it as a project sponsor).
  3. Right of Way and rebuilds since ROW is very different in a rebuild context.
  4. CLS and our approach.

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